My Year in Pictures: 2012

Time once again for my annual audit; to look back at the places I’ve been and the people I’ve met during 2012. The pictures I’ve pulled together in the gallery below represent my most memorable moments, not those that have necessarily made the headlines.
During the Summer I got the opportunity to photograph the Olympics for The Independent on Sunday, a highlight for any photographer especially in their home city. London came alive and I had a front row seat to watch both the opening and closing ceremonies; Jess Ennis winning on “Super Saturday” and Usain Bolt in the 100 Meters.
Portraits are my bread and butter and this year I met several icons. From Jo Lumley smothering me in lipstick to mistakenly shaking Ice T’s fist, this year’s crop have proved an eclectic bunch. One of my more interesting encounters was with inventor Trevor Bayliss, who I visited on his island in the middle of the Thames.
So, that’s it. Thanks to those who have given me commissions and everyone I met along the way. Here’s to more adventures in 2013!
A couple of my colleagues have done similar roundups, see Ben Cawthra and Leon Neal for some excellent work.