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Gone Fishing

Last week I broke free from the shackles of lockdown and headed to Newhaven to photograph a fishing catch in the English Chanel for Bloomberg News. As I chugged out

Marketing Matters

A corporate photography commission from National Grid last month; I photographed four of their brightest stars to market an upcoming recruitment campaign. It’s interesting that messaging has become such a

All the People

I photographed some people, real ones, I spoke to them, we laughed… it reminded me of 2019! A month ago I was asked by Imperial college to contribute to their

Arcade on Fire

I’ve been abroad, I went for fun, I went to Wales! Last month I packed up the car and drove to Barry Island with my partner in crime, Art Director

Photographing a Corporate Covid

Everything has changed since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic. The economy is adapting and every business in the world has had to make changes as the entire population has