My…What big hands you have?

After several VISA applications I finally got out to Delhi last week, albeit for less time than originally planned. Why the Indian high commission need so much information and make such a fuss over a business VISA that they charge £400 for I’ll never know.
So the 8 hour flight was followed by a 3 hour drive straight out to Radjasthan where SAB Miller (the beer company) have an outreach program. I felt awful. No sleep on the flight and the heat had given me a thumping headache and instead of staring out of the window to watch my romantic idea of India go by I just curled up to make the pain go away.
Water is a major problem in India, population exceeds 1 billion and there just isn’t enough to go around. 92% of water is used for agriculture and that was our focus as we went to some surrounding villages and looked at how they used it.

It was in the last village that I noticed a young woman and her son in a doorway; so while my guides were exchanging pleasantries I slipped off and shot this quick portrait, communicating with my rather accomplished style of Photographic charades.

We also visited the SAB brewery in Radjasthan, where the highlight was a skit to educate truck drivers on the spread of AIDS. Again, actions speak loader than words and the entertainment came in the form of the fellow below who managed to demonstrate the issues in Drag!!!

I wouldn’t have thought that Drag was culturally acceptable in India; but this guy, (who had the biggest hands in the world) seemed to carry it all off rather well. Especially as he played up to the camera, much to the enjoyment of the on looking truckers.
India is a fantastic country, held back by it’s climate, perpetuating an economic divide that is more obvious than anywhere I’ve ever been. Despite this the people are beautiful and warm. I can’t wait to go back.