Heavy Metal Business Photography

I’ve always shot a lot of corporate photography, and whilst many of these shoots merge into a pinstriped haze, there are a few jobs that stand out.

I first visited the London Metal Exchange (LME) in 2005 as rookie photographer with a Nikon D2H in my hand and felt myself being left behind in the seemingly chaotic activity. Traders wave their hands frantically to send signals across a noisy floor, while juggling telephones and scribbling notes. The building itself is decked out in garish red seating and flashing LED displays that must have been installed in the affluent 80’s.

Established in 1877, the LME is the last open outcry exchange in Europe. It trades around $US 11.6 trillion annually, the stress is obvious. In 2012, trading is tighter and the LME has become an interesting news story with a take over offer from Hong Kong immanent.

This time round my allotted 30 minutes vanishes in the excitement but at least these days I can keep up with the traders, even if only for half an hour.
The images in this post were taken for Bloomberg News, please contact them for reuse.