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Daydream in Blue

It’s 4 o’clock in the office; I hadn’t noticed but it’s dark outside… I’d better warn tomorrows client that we’ll need to wrap at 3! (at least I’ll beat the

Do you have a gun Sir?

So – I’ve been to Iraq. Thats a good one to strike off the list! Realistically I was never going to bring the kids out for a holiday so unless

Eurostar Commission

Make no mistake; I like a train! This is something that I’ve transferred to my 3 year old who has enough brio to rival HS2! An ongoing commission for Eurostar

The Haze

One of my more interesting commissions this week. Nestled in the amongst farmland in darkest Kent sits a very different crop; greenhouses full of the finest Afghan Marijuana. Weirdly the

Donald Does Davos

Every January, once the lure of mince pies has worn off, my attentions turn to Davos and The World Economic Forum. It’s a template that I’ve followed for the past five