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Some Fine Dining

Every Sunday, when I was little I’d pester my Mum for an OXO cube. She knew it was weird, but I was persistent and I loved eating them straight out

Gone Fishing

Last week I broke free from the shackles of lockdown and headed to Newhaven to photograph a fishing catch in the English Chanel for Bloomberg News. As I chugged out

Marketing Matters

A corporate photography commission from National Grid last month; I photographed four of their brightest stars to market an upcoming recruitment campaign. It’s interesting that messaging has become such a

All the People

I photographed some people, real ones, I spoke to them, we laughed… it reminded me of 2019! A month ago I was asked by Imperial college to contribute to their

Arcade on Fire

I’ve been abroad, I went for fun, I went to Wales! Last month I packed up the car and drove to Barry Island with my partner in crime, Art Director